Hello and welcome to Shoal Creek Driving Range and Batting Cages. Since 1994 we have been the Premiere driving range and batting cage facility of the Northland. Please be sure to take advantage of our monthly "Internet Specials".   We thank you for your continuing support and we hope to see you at the range!

History of Shoal Creek

In 1991 the Patton family determined that the Northland did not have a Premiere driving range with grass tees that could be used by experienced golfers to improve their game, as well as beginners wanting to learn the game of golf.

Gary Kevin originally proposed the idea of building a driving range facility to his wife, Andrea, who was supportive of the idea, and together they began to look for a site in the Northland.

Gary Kevin then approached his brother, Christopher, and their parents, Gary and Beverly, who were also supportive of the idea. Since baseball had always been a part of their family, it was also suggested that a batting cage facility be a part of the project. After a preliminary budget was prepared, it was determined that they would solicit investors among their family and close friends.

On November 24, 1992, Tee-2-Green, Inc. was incorporated with 15 shareholders: Gary & Beverly Patton; Gary & Andrea Patton; Christopher & Deidre Patton; Gary & Cherlyn Eberle (daughter of Gary & Beverly); Evan Davis (brother of Beverly): LaVere Davis (nephew of Beverly); Sam & Diana Aylett (friends and long-time clients of Gary Kevin); Kevin Ellenberger; Steve Butler; Jay and Cindy Leibinger; Gary Lund (friends of Gary and Chris from William Jewell College); Dean Ellenberger (father of Kevin);Victor Salazar (friend of Gary Kevin); Gregory Bertram; (friend and next door neighbor of Chris); and David & Bobbi Chamberlain (law partner of Gary Kevin). The ownership has never changed.

The beautiful property on which the facility now sits was selected by Andrea. It was chosen because of its gently sloping terrain to Shoal Creek and the bluffs above Shoal Creek which would provide an excellent hitting background. The property was not for sale and was a part of the “Wren Farm”. The owner of the property, Nelle Wren Bashford, only agreed to sell the tract after she learned that nine of the fifteen shareholders had graduated from William Jewell College; where she had taught English.

The name of Shoal Creek was chosen because the East Fork of Shoal Creek runs quietly along the bluffs on the southern portion of the property and because of the historical ties of the name to the Northland.

The first bucket of balls was sold in April 14, 1994; from a small trailer donated by David Chamberlain’s father-in-law (Ernie Block). The balls were “hand washed” by Ed Eberle (Gary Eberle’s father) before being sold again. The six station batting cage facility opened the same year.

The “shop” opened in 1995, and lights were added that same year. In 1999 the “East” and “West” tee boxes were added and the parking lot was expanded. The “short game” area, including sand bunker and wedge area were built in 2002, as was the maintenance building. In 2004, Shoal Creek purchased the CoverShots unit, to provide customers with shade and protection from the elements. At the time of purchase it was the only unit in the states of Missouri and Kansas.

The goal of Shoal Creek remains the same today as it was when started: to provide our customers with the best grass tee boxes of any driving range in Kansas City, the best quality range balls, a clean facility, and the prettiest setting in the city to practice golf or baseball.